Village green status for Speckled Wood?

This is another way of getting legal protection for parts of Speckled Wood.

Have you ever played, partied or picnicked in what is now known as Speckled Wood?

If so, we need you to record your experience of leisure uses there in support of our Village Green application under the Commons Act 2006. All sorts of leisure use of the woods can count from tree climbing to blackberry picking, from hide and seek to bird watching and we need evidence over the last twenty years, though before 1992 will also help.

You could also ask your neighbours and friends or family members who have lived in the area if they could help with this. If you can help with this application please contact us.

Footpath Registration: We also want to hear from people who have used any of the footpaths in Speckled Wood back to 1992 or earlier.

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