About us

Ore Community Land Trust seeks to protect land in the Upper Ore Valley to save and enhance urban woodland and green space for community use and to protect animal habitat. We, therefore, campaign against development plans that would threaten the environment of the Valley. We also support positive regeneration plans and put forward ideas for improvements for the area.

Our aims are:

  1. Leading the campaign to have Speckled Wood redesignated as protected urban green space
  2. Acquiring land in Speckled Wood for community use
  3. Clearing footpaths and the stream, removing rubbish and carrying out conservation work to improve the woodland
  4. Creating accessible amenity areas and protecting wildlife habitat
  5. Developing a Community Plan for Speckled Wood and involving all sections of the local population in its work and plans
  6. Supporting the Hastings Greenway project to create a cycle and walkway link from Ore to the Town Centre, running through Speckled Wood
  7. Seeking support and assistance from organisations and community groups to further the aims of the Trust.

The Trust is a membership organisation, involving residents of all ages and supportive organisations and recruits volunteers to help with clearance and conservation work. In order to raise the profile of the Ore Community Land Trust and its aims, newsletters are circulated, publicity is sought in the local press and other media, information events are held and guided tours of the footpath network are arranged.

The Board of Trustees consists of:

Chair – Peter Chowney
Secretary – Tony Polain
Treasurer – Becky Polain
Membership Secretary & Minute-Taker – Richard Street
Board Member – Denise Ware
Community Engagement – Jo Walker
Project Officer – Ian Sier
Ex-Officio Hastings Borough Council observer Vacant

You can download our constitution here.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation 1171507

In addition Ore Community Land Trust has organised the Ore Village Fair, which was an annual event to help to bring the community together and to provide another opportunity to explain its aims and activities alongside other community groups. In the longer term the Community Plan, which is currently focused on Speckled Wood will be expanded to include a plan for improvements for Ore Village and the Ore area.

If you have any comments or suggestions please Contact Us.